Local Water-Processing Professional Attends Manufacturer’s Training Academy

NEWBURY, OHIO – Mike Heinrich, a member of the staff at Besco Water Treatment, Inc. in Battle Creek, MI, has successfully completed the professional service seminar at Kinetico’s Service Academy, the training arm of Kinetico Incorporated in Newbury, Ohio.

Heinrich, along with other service professionals working for dealerships across the country, participated in this intensive service training seminar conducted by Kinetico, a manufacturer of non-electric, metered, demand-operated, twin-tank water processing equipment.

The academies are designed to reinforce previous training about the unique operating features of Kinetico equipment, sharpen servicing skills, inform participants of upcoming product changes and give in-depth instruction on the servicing of new products. Heinrich received a Certificate of Excellence for successfully completing all phases of the training.

Besco Water Treatment, Inc. is the authorized Kinetico Dealer in this area, and offers a full range of water processing equipment, including water softeners, drinking water systems and problem water filters to consumers and businesses.

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Kinetico Premier Series water softeners are the ultimate water conditioning solution. Knowing that water and electricity don’t mix, it just makes sense (and is brilliant) that these systems operate without the use of electricity. Engineered to tackle your tough water challenges, Premier Series water softeners work more efficiently and reliably without electrical components or computers that need to be set, adjusted, repaired or replaced.

Our patent-pending AccuDial™ feature allows more precise calibration of the system to your home’s specific water conditions for optimum efficiency, saving on operational costs and eliminating waste. In essence, it’s like having a water softener that’s custom-fit for your home.

Designed with today’s demanding households and larger plumbing in mind, Premier Series softeners deliver generous flow rates without forfeiting water softness. And the multiple tank system design assures you have around-the-clock soft water, even during the regeneration (cleaning) process. One tank is always in service while the other tank is either on standby or regenerating. Premier Series systems regenerate at any time of the day or night to ensure you will always have a supply of soft water. Single-tank systems simply can’t offer this. So if you have a house full of guests or are running multiple loads of laundry, you’ll never run out of soft water. And if you’re away from home, the system stays ready without wasting water or salt.

Whether your water comes from a well or city supply, our Premier Series water softeners are engineered and built to take on the toughest challenges you’ll find. Choose from models that also remove iron, chlorine or particulates as they soften. Your Kinetico professional can recommend the system that will work best for you.

We’re so confident our Premier Series systems will perform beautifully for years and years that we back them with the most comprehensive, flexible warranty you’ll find.

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Besco Water Treatment has received the coveted “Excellence in Manufacturing” award from the IBWA again for 2011. This award reflects the commitment that Besco has to providing the highest quality drinking water available. Only 1% of all bottlers in the United States earn this coveted award.