Common Water Problems

Common Water Problems

In order to select which water treatment system you need, it is important that you identify which water problem(s) you are experiencing and what the proper plan of action is. Listed below are some of the most common drinking water problems experienced by families and businesses in Michigan.

Hard Water

Having hard water simply means that your water supply has an excessive amount of minerals in it. For example, too much iron or calcium in your water can make it “hard”. Having hard water can be detrimental due to the fact that it can cause buildup in your pipes, eventually reducing water flow. It can also cause rust stains and limescale.

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Hard Water Problems

Rotten Egg Smell

Rotten Egg Smelling Water Problem

One of the most commonly reported water problems is the presence of hydrogen sulfide, or the “rotten egg” smell. This problem is not one that should be taken lightly, as it can cause extensive damage to your home’s pipes, and if left unchecked your water could be considered unsafe to drink. To eliminate the “rotten egg” smell in your drinking water, contact Besco today.


Chlorine is one of the elements used when water is initially treated at a city plant, but its presence is unnecessary once it reaches your home. Too much chlorine will leave your water with an unwanted taste and smell, not to mention it may damage your clothes. To find out how Besco Water Treatment can solve your chlorine-related water problems, give us a call today!

Chlorine-Related Water Problems

Cloudy Water

Cloudy Water Problems

Cloudy Water is simply the result of excess particles present in your water supply. This effect can be temporary, or more permanent, depending on the cause. To get pure water that is clear and free of excess solids, contact Besco Water Treatment today.


Excess iron in your water supply can cause oxidation and rust in your sinks and tubs, and can also result in a metallic taste or smell in your water. To prevent any rust damage and to eliminate iron from your drinking water, call Besco Water Treatment today.

Excess Iron in Home Water

Earthy Taste/Smell

Earthy Taste and Smell Home Water

One of the other most commonly reported water problems in Michigan is an “earthy” taste or smell. This effect can occur if your water supply is susceptible to the presence of excess algae. The result is an unwanted taste and smell, making your water less satisfying to drink and enjoy. To find out how Besco Water Treatment can help you eliminate the “earthy” taste or smell from your drinking water, call us today!