Customer Reviews

  • Great company to work with and very knowledgeable. We had Connie out to test our water because of the great reference our parents gave us about their experience and water system they have through Besco. Connie took the time to tell us what we should do for our well water and followed up with a very informative email and report of the water test. They also didn’t pressure us to try and sell us systems we don’t need. Overall, it was a great experience.

    Laura L. 9/12/16

  • I would like to thank Mike Heinrich @BattleCreek office for his EXCELLENT service! We had to have a plumber come before we had an iron curtain installed. I called Walter’s plumbing when Mike came to install and he asked if I was charged for a P trap which I was. They didn’t put one in, Mike said he would stay and make sure it was done correct before he turned our water on and I left to go back to work. Without Mike we would of never known. That is excellent customer service, he could teach that to Water’s! We have been a customer of Besco for about 25 years, we have always had a softener and a water cooler and we have always had wonderful service. That is why we will always be a life-long customer! Thank you for being such a reliable and honest company. I will always spread the word of praise to everyone I know! Thanks again

    Diane B. 8/12/2016

  • Thank you – the delivery guy is super nice and he does a great job. He really is very professional and does his job well. I can’t remember what his name is but please extend my apology for making him come up here to check on us. He came in and opened the cabinet and there it was – delivered last night.

    Ann R. 9/25/15

  • Just wanted to thank you for your prompt response to our softener problem. As always, Dave was wonderful!

    Judy V. 9/21/15

  • I’d like to thank your company for all the great service that was provided from the initial meeting at the DeVos Place Home Remodeling show to installing at my home. Everyone was very informative, professional, and kind hearted. This is my first ‘country’ home and I felt like your team did a great job educating me on well water, different treatments/products and what I needed.

    I did get my well water results back from Prein & Newhof and would like your team to triple check that everything is good (from what I can tell we have great water.) They where a great referral from your company to do well water testing, thank you.

    Erin G. 8/3/15