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Bottled Water and Coolers

Bottled water is the way to go when you’re looking for a reliable source of clean and safe drinking water. No matter if you’re at home or at work, our 3-gal and 5-gal reusable bottled water jugs are here to keep you hydrated. And the best part? Unlike tap water, bottled water goes through a thorough purification process to get rid of any nasties, making it a healthier choice for you and your loved ones. Plus, with various sizes available, you can pick the one that suits your needs and preferences. We also have a few different water coolers available to dispense your bottled water from.

Here at Besco Water Treatment, we’re all about delivering top-notch bottled water. We source it from the purest places and purify it using reverse osmosis filtration. And for your peace of mind, we regularly test our bottled water to ensure it meets strict safety standards. So whether you’re stocking up for personal use, the office, or a big event, Besco Water has got you covered with our wide selection of bottled water and water cooler products.

Water Coolers

2 Clover Bottle-less Water Coolers

Clover® Bottled Water Coolers

Experience the advanced technology of Clover® Bottled Water Coolers from Besco Water Treatment, designed to deliver fresh, pure water in both home and office settings. These coolers feature a high-quality cold water reservoir, a dependable hot water tank, and a robust high-density polyethylene cabinet, ensuring efficient performance and preventing leaks. When you rent a Clover® Bottled Water Cooler from us, the optional cup dispenser is included at no additional cost.


  • Leak Protection: Equipped with a leak guard to avoid any spills.
  • High-Quality Tanks: Stainless steel construction for both hot and cold water tanks ensures durability and consistent performance.
  • Extended Warranty: Comprehensive two-year warranty, with an extended five-year warranty on the compressor.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Hot water reaches nearly 185°F, while cold water can be set between 35.6°F and 53.6°F for optimal refreshment.
  • Strong Build: The internal metal frame provides added stability and longevity.
  • Air Filtration: Integrated air filter for clean, fresh air circulation.
  • Convenient Cup Dispenser: Optional dispenser available with choices of 5 oz. flat or 4 1/4 oz. cone cups.
  • Easy Maintenance: The one-piece ABS drip tray is removable for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Enhanced Safety: Double float valve system includes a secondary safety mechanism for reliable operation in case of primary valve failure.

Choose the Clover® Bottled Water Coolers from Besco Water Treatment for a dependable source of clean, temperature-controlled water. With a focus on durability, convenience, and safety, these coolers are ideal for any environment. Enjoy the benefits of our rental service, complete with a complimentary cup dispenser, and ensure your water needs are met with ease and efficiency.

Clover Water Cooler

Clover® Point of Use Water Coolers

The Clover® Point of Use Water Cooler from Besco Water Treatment offers an environmentally friendly solution for providing clean, filtered drinking water without relying on plastic bottles. Perfect for office environments, the Clover® Water Cooler is available with options for reverse osmosis (RO) filtration, microfiltration, or without filters, ensuring versatile choices to meet your specific needs. This water cooler operates on a 110-120 volt electrical outlet, requires a water source, and needs a discharge drain. We also offer rental options, with no additional charge for the optional cup dispenser when renting a Clover® Point of Use Water Cooler from us.


  • Color Options: Available in sleek black and classic white.
  • Durable Construction: High-density polyethylene cabinet for long-lasting use.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Cold water temperature can be set between 39.2°F and 50°F.
  • High Capacity Tanks: Stainless steel tanks for both cold and hot water to ensure consistent supply.
  • Efficient Compressor: Equipped with a standard LG brand compressor featuring low cycle rates for energy efficiency.
  • Removable Drip Tray: Includes an anti-splash grid for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • User-Friendly Faucets: Durable polypropylene self-closing faucets with a safety feature for hot water.
  • Service Reports: Auto-generated reports available for annual service (additional fees may apply).
  • Spacious Dispense Area: Large area suitable for filling sports bottles and glasses.
  • Filtered Water Supply: Can be used to provide filtered water for coffee brewers or other accessory items.

Choosing the Clover® Point of Use Water Cooler from Besco Water Treatment means opting for a high-quality, eco-conscious, and practical hydration solution tailored to the modern workplace. Enjoy the convenience of freshly filtered water on demand, and take advantage of our rental options to suit your needs without any hassle.


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J G.
17:15 16 Apr 24
I just stopped in to get clarification regarding my bill. Friendly staff explained how the billing works. I have had a unit 8n my house for years and it has preformed flawlessly. Also can't beat the rate in the Battle Creek area
Chelsea S.
15:47 16 Apr 24
Amazing customer service! The front office staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and the warehouse people are awesome.
Samantha C.
15:33 25 Mar 24
Mark A.
15:27 10 Feb 24
Always great service
Mike S.
16:46 04 Feb 24
Besco Water Treatment has made my job easier, by providing a system that has the best quality water, I have cut my machine maintenance time and cost by 75% and the technicians are knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. from the purchase of the system to... its installation, and periodic maintenance it has been a true pleasure to work with the people of Besco Water Treatment.read more
Kami Lancaster (.
18:14 31 Jan 24
Always good service
William Y.
20:32 11 Jan 24
James R.
04:56 14 Aug 23
Fast , affordable efficient service
Amit K.
19:18 08 Jun 23
Jeremy M.
17:53 24 Apr 23
Their equipment is very reliable and they have a good selection of different models. They are very polite, courteous and they show up very quickly in emergencies!
Tony B.
17:03 18 Jan 23
If you exchange your 5gal water bottles you can do so for 3.75 a bottle.
Aussie D.
18:42 12 Dec 22
Great communication, timely arrival, courteous, wore shoe covers, experienced residential water treatment professionals; mine is an OLD system but Besco staff have made the most of it until it can be replaced: sediment filter, prefilter, postfilter, water... pressure and softener performance tests; 30day revisit program. Thank you Darren & Damon at Besco.read more
Barry S.
01:25 24 Nov 22
Great folks.
James H.
19:50 17 Jul 22
Friendly knowledgeable
Margie C.
23:54 01 Jun 22
Great place to get 5 gallon water refills. Ladies at counter always nice. And the guys loading full bottles in your car are always smiling and cheerful 😊 Great Prices
David C.
19:53 14 Mar 22
Great people and service
Evan C.
05:29 18 Nov 21
jill B.
00:02 10 Oct 21
B M.
21:56 29 Sep 21
Decided to go with Besco for soft water in our home. They sent Clyde to price it and Michael to install the unit. Both men were very knowledgeable and friendly. Michael started working the minute he hit the driveway and didn't stop until he was done,... very impressive. This is an easy 5 stars.read more
Brenda H.
16:14 12 Aug 21
Alicia M.
13:07 10 Aug 21
Nickolas H.
02:04 28 Jun 21
$3.75 for a 5 gallon jug of water...and they have a drive-thru! The workers load the water right into your car. Great service and good tasting water.
Brandon F.
20:34 04 Mar 21
They do a really good job. They get ya loaded quick and respectful.
Mike V.
19:29 28 Feb 21
18:05 29 Jan 21
Good service and good prices.
Lynda S.
20:43 15 Jan 21
Brent J. P.
22:16 04 Jan 21
Good people
Dennie S.
18:43 06 Nov 20
First experience for me ever with besco water treatment everybody in the business is very friendly Brad the manager makes you feel like you're part of the family I just started men are weak so far I really like it
Robert L.
23:32 13 Sep 20
Roger M.
18:36 08 Sep 20
Been here for years. Worth every penny.
Aaron S.
13:07 18 Jul 20
Debra N.
01:36 05 Jun 20
Jaymes H.
16:10 03 Mar 20
Jerry C.
01:34 19 Jan 20
Jen P.
00:08 15 Jan 20
William W.
23:14 16 Dec 19
Besco has great bottled water . As a former employee , I know this company strives to satisfy their customers . With quality service and work. Will is their water softener installation tech in my opinion he is the best in the business . Larry Martin Is... the manager of the Water Manufacturing warehouse he prides himself with keeping a clean safe environment . He also takes pride in ensuring he is producing a quality product . Always quality service and product . They truly treat you like family here .read more
Ron F.
14:31 11 Dec 19
Our company has been doing business with Besco Water Treatment for over 20 Years. They have always provided excellent water treatment equipment and great service.
mrs 7.
16:33 09 Sep 19
Always been good to us, even when we had them at our business!They try hard to keep your costs down!Thank you Besco Water folk’s! Wish we would have used you guys instead of extremely expensive Dan Wood Company! Used to like them but they are now way... out of our price range being retired?!read more
Todd E.
01:10 25 Jul 19
Crystal G.
17:21 17 Jul 19
Great customer service!
Paul B.
16:14 09 Jul 19
Vicki L.
01:02 02 Jul 19
Best softener we have had one for over 40 years..the then owner installed it.
Travis B.
19:23 16 Jun 19
Trent H.
03:21 08 Jun 19
Angie C.
20:30 05 Jun 19
Fast and friendly...
Brett B.
20:12 05 Jun 19
Vickie S.
12:05 02 Jun 19
We Get Water For Our Church From "Besco Water Treatment" They Have Friendly Service & Load Your Jugs Of Water For You! They Are Easy Located Right Off M-66 In Pennfield!
candice I.
15:48 10 May 19
Anna Y.
13:17 07 Apr 19
Will B
17:26 20 Dec 18
Great place for All your water needs. Excellent Staff, very friendly and helpful!
Brent P.
18:41 12 Dec 18
Good people
Brett B.
21:25 24 Sep 18
Carol M.
20:07 17 Apr 18
Best place to buy any type of water softener systems, water filters and/or Green Mountain coffee as well as drinking water containers. The office staff are absolutely wonderful, always ready to help you at a moment's notice.
21:55 30 Nov 17
They have only one dock and when you back up ignore right hand side wall it has bad angle
David H.
19:28 23 Jan 17
Great people, Great Place full service....
Georgina S.
12:04 24 Sep 16
I have a water softener and a water cooler from them and have gotten all friendly people that are willing to help in any way they can!!
Mary V.
16:22 05 Aug 16
I had a wonderful experience with Besco Warer Treatment. I'm a seasonal resident and didn't know there were steps to take before closing up after the summer. As a result, I had horribly hard water on my return visit, my silver hair was stained yellow,... and some of my water lines were clogged with sediment. Mike, one of their technicians, went above and beyond to help me! He advised me on how to try and salvage my softener (that's not even their brand), and Besco tested my water every five or six days to see if the hardness was changing. They could have sold me an iron filter (what I thought I needed), or told me my resin tank was shot, but they didn't. All told, it cost me $88 to get back up and running. I wasn't exactly a cash cow customer! I highly recommend this ethical company.read more
Michigan Tile & C.
13:59 27 May 16
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