MACguard® Filter

MACguard® FilterTap into tasteful water with the MACguard Filter. If you have a bad taste in your water, along with an unpleasant odor, solve it with the MACguard® Filter. Designed to maximize your space, this filter operates conveniently under your sink or in another location of your choice.

The economical reality of this product ensures affordability. By accurately measuring water use, it eliminates the guesswork for filter changes. Your contamination reduction needs determine which MACguard® Filter will be best for you. Each of these filters have quick disconnect abilities-for ease and necessary sanitation measures. The PurMometer® will advise you when a filter change is needed, making maintenance easy and care-free.

With the MACguard® Filter system; your wallet, space, and most importantly your distasteful water problems will be combated. Contact Besco Water Treatment and ask for our General Manager, Ken Morgan for additional information.