PURA High Performance Drinking Water System

PURA Water Filtration System

The PURA High Performance Drinking Water System is the perfect water filtration system for your home and office. The PURA is customizable and can accommodate any quality level of water. With 10 interchangeable filters and a number of treatment options, the PURA can be adjusted to local water conditions, leaving you with the purest water possible.

The twist and lock design of the PURA High Performance Drinking Water System makes for quick and easy use. Simply twist off the old cartridges when replacing them, and twist on the new one. Your water will pass through these four interchangeable filters, beginning with the sediment filter. Next, the carbon filter will improve the taste of you water while eliminating odor and chlorine. Your choice of the reverse osmosis filter or the UltraFiltration filter is next in line. If you’re concerned about reverse osmosis reject water or line installation, you may be interested in the UltaFiltration. With this product, there is no drain line installation, no waste water and it is more cost efficient. The reverse osmosis filter reduces dissolved substances, while the UltraFiltration membrane can reduce undissolved solids up to 0.1 Microns thick. Finally, the fourth filter is dependent upon your local water conditions, set in place to ensure you’re left with the only highest quality of water.

With the PURA High Performance Drinking Water System, you’ll notice your food will taste better, your coffee quality will improve and even your ice cubes will look clearer. If you would like more information on the PURA, contact Besco Water Treatment today at (800) 964-0257.