Bottled Purified Water

Bottled Water

Not All Water Companies Are The Same!

  • Besco Water Treatment, Inc. is one of the largest providers of bottled water service in Michigan, bottling for a number of different companies under private labels.
  • Our pure premium drinking water is processed by particulate filtration, softening, reverse osmosis, activated carbon filtration, ultra-violet water, and ozonation.
  • Besco utilizes an automatic four-step automated bottle washer that insures proper cleaning and sanitization of the bottles.
  • Coliform bacteria, pH, & total dissolved solids tests performed daily.
  • Heterotrophic bacteria plate counts performed weekly by an independent laboratory.
  • Besco Water Treatment, Inc. exceeds FDA requirements. Besco’s Pure Premium Drinking Water comes in a variety of sizes:
    • .5 liter SportBottle
    • 1 gallon
    • 3 gallon
    • 5 gallon
    • 55 gallondrum (Bulk)

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