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Kinetico Premier S250 Water Softener - Besco Water Treatment, Inc.

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Kinetico Premier S250 Water Softener

Kinetico Premier Series water softeners are the savvy choice when it comes to solving your hard water problems. They say oil and water don’t mix. Well, water and electricity don’t mix either, and that’s why the Kinetico Premier S250 water softener is such a smart purchase; it operates without the use of any electricity. Designed to tackle and solve the toughest water challenges, the Kinetico Premier S250 water softener is more durable, more reliable, and less maintenance, since you never have to worry about replacing or adjusting any parts.

Smart Design Delivers Continuous Flow of Soft Water

The Kinetico Premier S250 water softener puts its patent-pending AccuDial™ feature into action for your home, allowing your water treatment professional to more accurately calibrate the system to your home’s specific needs. This saves you money and eliminates waste. It’s like having a custom water treatment system, personally tailored for your home or office.

The Kinetico Premier S250 water softener is engineered to work flawlessly in the face of today’s more demanding plumbing systems, and provides nearly unmatched flow rates without sacrificing the quality of the water. This system utilizes an intuitive multiple-tank system, ensuring you have a continuous flow of soft water 24/7, even during the cleaning process, and the tanks regenerate on their own. No matter what time of day or night, one tank will be in use while the other is either regenerating or on stand-by, so you never have to worry about servicing the system or running out of pure, soft water.

Operates Efficiently, Minimizes Waste

Single-tank systems can’t offer these benefits. Plain and simple. So whether you’re busy doing laundry or need to entertain a house full of guests, the Kinetico Premier S250 water softener provides you with the perfect water treatment solution. And if you’re away from home on vacation or business, the system stays ready without wasting water or salt.

The Kinetico Premier S250 water softener make it easy to solve even the toughest water challenges, whether you use city or well water. Talk to your Besco Water Treatment professional to find out more about this model, and eliminate iron, chlorine, or any other contaminants from your water now. Why wait any longer?

The Perfect Water Softener For Your Home or Office – Try It Today

Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it, try the Kinetico Premier S250 water softener today. We’re so confident you’ll be pleased with the results that we back this product up with a comprehensive and flexible warranty.

Besco Water Treatment is dedicated to becoming your go-to water softening equipment supplier. For more information on Kinetico Premier Series Water Softeners, or any of our water treatment products and services call Besco Water today at (800) 964-0257.

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