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3 Ways to Test Drinking Water - Besco Water Treatment, Inc.

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3 Ways to Test Drinking Water

If you’re considering investing in a water treatment system, the first thing you’ll want to do is test the current quality of your water. While there are several water testing options you can choose from, we’ve narrowed down what we think are the three best methods of doing so. Because it is advantageous to know your water’s purity as soon as possible, we’ve listed methods that can be performed in a short amount of time. Additionally, these ways of testing are methods that you can trust to give you the accurate results you’re looking for. 

  1. Water Testing Kit

    There are many testing kits for water that are extremely accurate. What’s more is that many of them are very easy to obtain. The best places to search for a nonspecific testing kit are in home improvement stores or supermarkets. Usually sold at relatively low prices, water testing kits are the best options for those seeking more immediate results. Many water testing kits are simple to use, usually requiring you to fill a vial with a small sample. The amount of bacteria is usually measured electronically or by test strips. Be sure to also check if the kit you use is approved by a certified health regulation agency.

  2. Lab Testing

    For purity results given by an expert, this may be your preferred option when deciding how to test your water. While the process may take a few days, the recorded results will be more substantial to show just what contaminants or excess particles are in your supply. The experts that perform these tests work in labs that specialize in microbiology or chemistry. For a list of certified facilities, we suggest searching your state government’s website or contacting your county’s own health department for a certification officer.

  3. Water Supply Company

    Many companies that supply water are ready and equipped to send a specialist to test the quality of your water. Most times, testing can be performed by your company at one of its locations. This is the same case for our team at Besco Water! Upon scheduling an appointment with our treatment staff, you can bring in a sample of your water for us to perform an analysis that takes only a few minutes.

Water Purification Systems

If your drinking water is in need of filtering or purifying, Besco Water has treatment systems fit to address every kind of issue. To schedule an analysis of your water by one of our specialists, call us at (800) 964-0257 or fill out our site’s form to receive a free water treatment quote.

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